NATW –The Guide to Getting Nude


  1. Decide on your target. A truly special photo requires focus on one particular object. The extra effort does not go unnoticed.
  1. Research the background, culture & history of your desired location. The best photos incorporate the tradition of the place in which you are.
  1. Decide if some props may add value to your photo. A good prop embraces the culture of the region and adds value to your photo.
  1. Visit & familiarise yourself with the location. Find the best angles for photography & the quietest places where there are less likely to be onlookers. Remember whilst we love to see you nude around the world, some people may find it offensive. Be respectful at all times.
  1. Take a test photo on location full clothed to ensure you are in the desired position and your camera settings are correct for the time of day, the lighting, etc.
On the Day of Photography
  1. Wear something comfortable and easy to remove & put back on. Try not to wear too many items of clothing. A zip up jacket is much easier to remove than a pullover/jumper. Some drawstring pants such as trackies are far easier to negotiate than a pair of stiff button up jeans. Remember, it is quite easy to cut your lower legs out of a photo & full removal of your pants may not be required.
  1. Be mindful that the presence of clothes lying around in the photo detracts from the beauty of the background. Try to place these out of shot or cut your lower legs from the photo.
  1. See step 5 of preplanning. Make sure everything is in order one more time before progressing for the perfect shot.
  1. Ensure you are relaxed and don’t rush. Chances are nobody has any idea what you are doing. Stand in position for 30 seconds whilst several photos are taken to ensure you can select the best shot, and your efforts have not been wasted.
Post Photography
  1. Select your best shot for upload. Remember, we do not support the digital editing of photographs.
  1. Provide as much detail as possible as to the location, background and purpose of the photo. This will help other users in finding your photo through our search utilities.
  1. Congratulate yourself on a job well done with a well earned beer or glass of gin. Share your stories with others and discuss where next you might like to get nude.
  1. Update your Facebook status or post a Tweet on Twitter directing your friends to to view your new work of art.
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